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Our extensive technical expertise in object mount design facilitates a symbiotic partnership with curatorial and design professionals that consistently delivers superior outcomes in the development phase of an exhibition. We can safely position priceless objects in any location wihin the display area, maximising the impact of the story being told whilst keeping the visible hardware to a minimum. This approach can animate or capture a collection item to most favourably place it within the interpretive context of the overall display, creating the refined visitor experience that cultural institutions seek.

Our mount designers and installers have an in-depth understanding of safe object handling practices; the preservation of the objects is of paramount consideration during all stages of a project.

Object mounts

Custom object mounts

Over the years our team has gained a reputation for creating the most discreet object mounts in the industry. We design and fabricate archivally appropriate mounting systems to safely support and display even the most complex of collection items, from a macro specimen requiring a 0.5mm stainless wire support, to a large technology object weighing multiple tonnes.

Our fabricated solutions utilise industry standard materials including silicone coated stainless steel, acrylic, low-toxicity hoop plywood, EVA adhesive, polyethylene, Mylar and many other mediums to successfully accomplish design and conservation objectives.

Book mounts

Archival book supports

We can fabricate elegant acrylic and stainless steel open and closed book supports of all sizes and display angles for even the most fragile books.

Works on paper

Paper objects

Our paper specialists have amassed a broad understanding of the specific requirements for displaying works on paper. This stems from many years of experience working alongside professional conservators in several of Australia's major cultural institutions.

We offer complete archival framing services and a range of alternative display options, including poly strapping works to cotton rag board, Japanese hinging and discreet 2D object risers.



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