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SONGLINES: Tracking the Seven Sisters

The National Museum of Australia's exhibition 'Songlines: Tracking the Seven Sisters'​ recently won the MAGNA 2018 award in the category ‘Temporary or Travelling Exhibition’.
Our team was involved in various aspects of this project, most significantly designing and fabricating a stainless steel exoskeleton suspension system for the Seven Sisters. The textured and multi-colour camouflaged hanesses created the illusion that the figures were sequentially taking flight in the space, from ground level up to six metres above the visitors.

BRIEF: Create a discrete modular armature to enable the multimedia team to scan and render the objects in three dimensions for an immersive interactive exhibit. Install all the artworks and objects, including unstretched canvases measuring over six metres in length. Develop and fabricate custom engineer-endorsed stainless steel mounts for the seven oversized flying Tjampi sculptures. 



p: 0466 819 960