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Our artists and artisans have constructed many oversized and novelty items for exhibitions and events.
With backgrounds in sculpture, they have refined their technical skills in various commercial practices including theatre and festival design and mech.

National Museum of Australia: Giant cupcake for Play School exhibition

We were comissioned by the NMA to create a cupcake standing over one metre tall and able to withstand the rigours of a touring exhibition.

The prop needed to be lightweight enough for two installers to easily handle but structurally robust, as collection objects were to be placed on top for the touring display.

We employed a two piece design with integrated aluminium sockets and spigots securing the two components and the base to the showcase. The core is of extruded styrene construction, with a spray applied poly-urea armour coating.

Giant Popcorn

We were chosen to design and build a suite of props for the "Boogong" festival by the Googong Tourism Commission.

One of these items was a giant novelty box of popcorn, which was a visual feast for the thousands of visitors to the 2018 festival. Each of the unique sculpted foam popcorn pieces was finished in a realistic and durable hardcoat and topped with acrylic spray paint. The light weight box is made from solid plywood with a decorative vinyl decal.

The whole assembly stands at 2.8m tall and is firmly secured with a concealed magnetic access, weighted and pinned steel anchor base.


Bespoke Halloween tombstones

As part of the Boogong build, we were asked to create a haunted cemetery complete with oversized tombstones. These were to be sufficiently robust to withstand high public interaction, yet be lightweight and reusable for future events.
Our graphic designer drew the headstones with modelling software, and once approved by the client the drawings were delivered to the workshop for fabrication.
They are constructed from expertly sculpted extruded styrofoam, with a durable polyurea hard coating and a painted marine plywood base with anchor points. The final touch was a very faithful distressed look acrylic paint finish.



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